Creating a Healthier, Low-Carbon Future


Phius Alliance NYS

Phius Alliance New York State (Formerly Passive House Alliance Hudson Valley) is the exclusive local chapter of the Passive House Alliance U.S. (PHAUS) in the Northeast region. It provides a robust membership-based network with over 1000 members throughout North America and provides training, resources, marketing, and advocacy support to its members throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New England.

The climate-specific Passive House standard developed and refined by Phius is the only Passive House standard proven to perform in all seven climate zones found throughout the United States. Our mission is to contribute positively to a low-carbon future through education, training and advocacy for the Passive House standard and make it the mainstream standard of building for our future.

We are inclusive of all professionals engaged in the design, construction, and testing of high-performance buildings regardless of the origin of their certifications and we value the contributions of each individual. We create a culture of collaboration and sharing throughout our membership base and collectively contribute to the advancement of the Passive Building methods through our work.’


Board of Directors

President: Michelle Tinner, CPHC
Sustainable Comfort

Vice President: Karl Hansen, CPHC River Architects

Secretary: Nate Litwin

John Loercher, Northeast Projects, RPI

Stephanie Bassler, CPHC
North River Architecture and Planning

Founding Member: James Hartford, CPHC
River Architects

Patrick Murphy
Building Logic

Michael Robinson
Urban Myth Construction